We invite you on a journey that will strengthen your awareness of the vitalising in life.

Deep Coaching

Personality & healthy leadership

As a leader, you are the source of strength for your team. Your charisma creates the atmosphere in which your employees develop. Book your job clarification meeting now.

  individual appointment

Taiko movement and sound art

Traditional Far Eastern sound experiencesWhether gently struck singing bowls with their vibrations lead to deep relaxation or powerful drum rhythms that ground us and bring our heartbeat into healthy resonance, in this workshop you will get to know movement art & rhythms from the Far Eastern cultural area.

  Montags 12:30-14:00


Mindfulness-based breathing and meridian massage

Resilience and vitality enhancementDiscover with us your natural and free flow of breath. In TCM, meridians are channels in which the life energy Qi flows. The meridian massage serves to promote our blood circulation, purification and is a very effective method to release physical and mental tensions.

  Montags 10:00 – 11:30