Natural medicine

Biophilia – Literally “love of life” (Greek)

The “Biophilia Effect”

Cornerstone of our work at the Chiemsee Institute.

The biophilia hypothesis of evolutionary biologist Edward O. Wilson speaks of the human need to connect with nature and all living things.

This connection is the result of an evolutionary process that has lasted millions of years: humans come from nature, evolved within it and in interplay with it.

The biophilia effect occurs when we connect with our roots; it means nature experiences and wilderness; means natural beauty and aesthetics, unleashing and healing.

At the Chiemsee Institute, we strive to apply the biophilia effect in the age of neuroscience, molecular biology and immunology.

We are pleased that the connection between natural forces and human health is being put on a solid scientific basis from the realm of experience.


All over the world, scientists and doctors are working on “Forest Medicine”, the medicine of the soul. As early as 1984, the first natural medicine study* by Professor Roger Ulrich was published in Science, the most important scientific journal. It significantly proved how simply looking into the green and being in contact with trees significantly accelerated healing after operations..

Biophilia, Biophobia and Natural landscapes

von Prof. Ulrich

Studies on the effects of forest atmosphere

von Professor Qing Li

Nature therapies for pain symptoms

according to Professor Ulrich

Attention Restoration Theory

by Rachel and Stephan Kaplan (University of Michigan)

An example seminar

3-Day Nature Retreat

Away from the forest paths in the immediate vicinity of the mountain stream, whose rushing water accompanies us during this time of retreat, a detox weekend awaits you on all levels. Our forest hut is the ideal place for this.

The seminar contents listed opposite will be individually adapted to the needs of the group, or in preliminary discussions we will determine which modules are desired..

Possible elements

Dates at a glance:

DEEP COACHING: Your employees are the basis of your success

ATEM & NATURE: Breathing as a Psychophysical Regulation Method

TEMPERATURE & Nature: Learning Meridian Massage

FOOD & Nature: Preparations from our natural kitchen

WOMAN & Nature: Live your feminine power

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