Breath & Nature

Breathing exercises in the sense of a mindfulness-based breath awareness and psychophysical self-regulation method.

Through conscious breathing, the practitioner directs his or her gaze inwards, feels more intensively into different parts of the body and comes to his or her own centre with his or her perception.

Participants learn to observe mindfully: whether inhaling and exhaling take the same amount of time, is the breath fast or slow, is it shallow or rather deep, is it blocked at certain points in the body.

The aim is to focus on the free flow of breath and the release of tension, thus stimulating the natural breathing muscles.

The breath reacts to everything that moves us internally and externally. Language has many expressions for how much breath, emotions and thoughts are connected: We find something beautiful breathtaking, we hold our breath in fear or our breath catches in excitement.
It is important to be aware of the way we breathe and to have a regulating effect on the cardiovascular system, the digestive tract and all glandular functions by making changes on a physical level. Regular exercises can also effectively reduce stress symptoms or anxiety.

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