For us, it is nature that enables the space of healing.

The path of love towards air, water and earth

Why are we drawn outside to nature when we feel restless?
The various landscapes of the earth, the sea, the valley, the plain, the hilly landscapes and the mountains have a balancing and harmonising effect on the human physiology and psyche.

Life is a mystery

The most beautiful happiness of the thinking person is to have explored the explorable and to calmly revere the inscrutable. J. W. Goethe

With the help of the unique combination of deep coaching and breathtaking places of power, we develop individual, sustainable solution strategies with you to solve your everyday issues and problems in the long term, as well as to powerfully master complex challenges.

A story about the connection to Mother Earth

In South Africa, near Cape Town, there is a fireplace that archaeologists say has been in continuous use for 250,000 years as a place to gather in the evening. In human culture, storytelling is the central method of communicating everything that makes up life.

The storytellers had learned to perceive in all dimensions and were able to tell the story in such a way that the listeners experienced it as if they had been there themselves.
Our brain absorbs stories told with devotion just as it does stories we have experienced ourselves.
At our power places, in a familiar atmosphere around the campfire, we create spaces of connection with all living things.

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